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This book is a celebration of the past 10 years of Las Coleccionistas collaborative work. A collection of photographs that center around our common obsessions and fixations, often not always out in the open, a glimpse into our inner truths.

The visual storytelling unpacks as a chromatic progression, exploring the relationship between images that might not appear to be connected but find a commonality in the liminal space that exists when the reader turns its pages and is confronted with the page spread. On the double spread, two photographs linked by an aesthetic lens, visual play and dialogue that operate as metaphors of our collaborative work as a duo.

And so the images are confronted, in the same way we have been confronted while shooting them. In the same way objects are confronted by the space they inhabit, their existence and their visual representation.

The apparent splitting always resulting in a stronger bond.

During the creative process of the creation of this publication, we have welcomed the help of designer Patricia Raventós, with whom we have designed this maquette, printed by Agpograf in Barcelona.

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